About Sitters Unlimited

Sitters Unlimited LLC takes the frustration and busywork out of finding a babysitter. Whether its a continuing weekly appointment or just a Saturday night away from the children, Sitters Unlimited LLC can take care of your needs. We understand that building a network of reliable, qualified babysitters is not an easy task, especially if you are new to town or new to parenting. Our sitters are over the age of 18 and have their own transportation. Many of the babysitters are college students in the area and others are professionals already in the work force. They often appreciate the flexibility and enjoyment of babysitting, and are responsible and mature. Help us take the stress out of childcare for you.

How We Qualify Babysitters

At Sitters Unlimited LLC we work to qualify only the best babysitters to provide care for your children. We recruit heavily among education, social work and nursing majors at surrounding universities and colleges. Sitters Unlimited LLC uses a thorough screening process that includes: 

  • A personal, face-to-face interview
  • A minimum of 3 reference checks for childcare (or petcare, elder care, etc.) 
  • At least 2 additional character references
  • Franklin County Sheriff's Office Background and Fingerprinting Checks
  • All sitters must have their own reliable transportation and are over the age of 18
  • Continual feedback from our clients every time we send a new sitter, so we know what YOU think of them and how you'd rate them.  We only keep sitters who are continually rated good to excellent from our own clients.  Your opinion really does matter to us and we use it to mold our staff, more than you know!

See what our customers are saying about us....

"We have been clients of Sitters Unlimited for two years. Without them I would have not survived our relocation to Columbus! We have seven children ages 3-11. With this many children, we scare most potential babysitters. I really think Sitters Unlimited looks for sitters who fit the dynamics of your particular family and situation. As for the employees of Sitters, I have enjoyed working with you very much. You return phone calls, you are prompt on requests and are just nice to talk to."

~ Julie Kelly 

"It is such a piece of mind knowing that as my sitter’s schedules change, I will not have to “start over” by placing another advertisement or trying to find another sitter on my own. It is great not having to pay vacations and being able to change my schedule so easily."

~ Amy Barcus 

"Scheduling baby-sitters can be overwhelming to say the least. Making several phone calls for multiple dates and times can get confusing. For the past two years, Sitters Unlimited has been the solution for our family. The convenience of one phone call is a lifesaver. The service is easy to use and the sitters are responsible and professional. The peace of mind Sitters Unlimited offers our family is priceless."

~The Glick Family 

"Sitters Unlimited changed my life! I am the mother of 3 children ages 11, 9 and 6. I started using Sitters Unlimited when my youngest was 6 months old. Sitters Unlimited has provided us with more mature, reliable and responsible sitters who are interested in baby-sitting. Over the years, we have used more than 30 different sitters from the service and each one is better than the next. I have recommended Sitters Unlimited to many friends who are now loyal customers."

~ Carol Aronowitz 

"We've been regular customers of Sitters Unlimited for over six years now and we love it. Having relocated to Columbus, having no family here and with a hearing impaired child, we needed sitters we could trust. The sitters are warm, reliable and trustworthy and the service is professional, prompt and personally considerate of our needs. We now trust Sitters Unlimited with all of our childcare needs."

~ Betsy Duckworth 

"I have had the good fortune of working with Sitters Unlimited for over six years. They have been a Godsend in providing highly qualified, hard working and pleasant sitters for my two daughters. When time is so precious it is a relief to make one telephone call to Sitters Unlimited and have your baby-sitting requirements met. I have recommended Sitters Unlimited to many friends. I feel fortunate to be involved with an organization that is so concerned with the well being of these children and works diligently to provide a professional and much needed service to stressed and harried parents. Thank you Sitters Unlimited."

~Karen Stump"