What Our Customers Are Saying

Linda M.
We really enjoyed Claire!! Claire got along extremely well with our little one! We hope to see Claire soon!!
Meagann L.
Petria does a fabulous job with our daughter, Korra.
Meagann L.
Lauren has been watching Korra for us for a while and does a fabulous job!
Megan J.
My son lives Cassie! She is friendly and energetic.
Regina M.
Amy was amazing with my kids, can't wait to have her back :)
Meagann L.
Thank you for giving our daughter a wonderful afternoon full of fun.
Brian C.
Hannah is the best! My kids really enjoy spending time with her!
Maureen E.
I felt like I connected with Anessa right away. She did a good job having fun with my daughter and also keeping her in line. Great experience!
Erin P.
Michelle was fantastic! She was wonderful with our kids and lovely!
Brian C.
Hannah was right on time and my kids had so much fun with her! Thank you!!
Kendeigh W.
We had no problems leaving our 9 month old in Aileen's care! She took great care of our daughter. It was nice to have a night out without worry!
Brian C.
Anessa is an excellent sitter. She went above and beyond what was asked of her, and my kids really enjoyed spending time with her!
Shannon L.
Brooke is excellent and my kids seem to love her!
Mark S.
Jackie really enjoyed her day with Gordana. She generally likes all of her babysitters, but she was especially happy that she and Gordana got to spend time together and that Gordana talked to her about everything she was interested in.
Yulanda C.
Marea was great. My daughter really enjoyed her!
Angela T.
My son absolutely loved Katie. She played with him and was interested in the things he wanted to do.
Moira K.
My kids took to Suzanne right away! And that's not very common...
Stephanie M.
My mama's girl daughter whose never been with a sitter outside of the family loved Jennie! (I was sure she'd cry when dad left, but not even one tear! ) My son loved her too!
Mark S.
Marea was a great sitter! This was the first time that we left the baby with someone outside of the family that wasn't part of the daycare. Great sit!
Mark S.
Jackie (8 yr) loved her time with Abby and Scarlett (8 mo) was happy and well-settled when we got home. Great sitter!
Aaron M.
Abby was great with Cooper. She was very friendly and approachable and I would trust her again with him.
Diane L.
Faith is great with kids; lots of energy!
Linda H.
Cassidy was really nice and jumped right in to playing with our kids when she got here.
Maureen E.
My daughter loved Faith! She babysat 3 times within a couple weeks and my daughter has requested her back again.
Angela T.
My kids absolutely loved Faith ! They liked the fact that she played outside with them and was interested in what they wanted to do. So very thankful for Faith!
Melissa B.
Janessa was our first sitter with the service. My kids loved her! I heard about all the great things they did in just a few hours -- from taking a walk to the pond, watching movies, playing the Wii and even pulling out their treasured "science" experiment and soap-making kits. My kids had a very active and great time, and Janessa ensured they were cared for and tucked into bed before I arrived home. I was happy to notice that she took care to straighten up the home as well. Huge relief to have such a great sitter care for the kids!
Nicole T.
The 9 year old gave 2 enthusiastic thumbs up. He commented that she doesn't sit staring at her phone the whole time, she played with them. We would love to have Amanda back:)
Joshua D.
Gordana does an excellent job! She was very engaging with our infant. I would highly recommend using her.
Brandi N.
She's great with my kids! She's exceedingly patient with my fiercely independent 4/5 year old. Takes the kids out for walks, plays lots inside & they are fast esleep when I get home!
Meredith R.
Jacqueline is an amazing sitter. My kids love her! She has taken all three of our girls to school several times and has always been responsible, kind and extremely helpful!
Sacred Space C.
Hannah was so kind and wonderful to our children! She was flexible, easily managed the entire group of children, and interacted with the adults too! We can't wait to have her back :)
Maureen E.
Lauren did a wonderful job with Evy. Evy was all ready for school when I got home and she had a lot of fun playing with (bossing around :)) Lauren!
Julie C.
Tracey is absolutely amazing with our son! He smiles as soon as she walks through the door and he has fun with her all day! We feel very comfortable knowing that she is taking such good care of him! She is reliable, dedicated, and goes above and beyond to take care of our son. We are so happy to have Tracey in our lives.
Meagann L.
We love Tracey and don't know what we would do without her! We have had some crappy sitters, but never from Sitters Unlimited and Tracey exceeds our expectations every time!
Jill S.
Teuta has become a part of our family. She is wonderful and we love her.
Tina A.
My kids absolutely love Ms. Jenne. They always ask about her.
Natascia O.
Jenne is a great sitter, reliable and always on time!
Jenne is absolutely fantastic! She is very sweet with the kids and even brought her own toys that captured their interest more than what they have at home. Can't recommend her enough!
Lynne W.
Maddie was a pleasure to have sit for us. Our boys and our dog loved her. She arrived promptly, fixed dinner, etc. Plan to ask for her again!
Mary B.
Amy is very experienced. I enjoyed talking to her and even learned from her. I think her social work background helps tremendously. She is such an asset. My twins still talk about her! I would hire her again in a heartbeat!
Rebecca K.
Janna was great! She arrived on time. The kids loved her, had a great time, and asked to have her back. We would definitely love to have her sit again. Thanks!
Stephanie R.
Tracey was great with my kids. Im looking forward to having her sit for us again.
Lisa A.
We love Veronica! She engages the children with many creative and imagination driven activities. She is also very kind and warm with the children.
Nicola L.
Jenna is awesome! Very kind and fun!
Loren H.
Michele quickly became part of the family. She is so caring and the kids love her. For me, I also appreciate that she is communicative and patient with worried Mom's concerns and questions :) I would highly recommend Michele to anyone looking for a sitter who treats your family as her own.
Heather C.
Yolanda was great on her first time! My boys warmed right up to her and they are pretty shy to everyone. She was warm and fun!
Amir K.
Yolanda has a great personality and works well with children. We have enjoyed having her watch our children on multiple occasions and she always does a great job.
Anna W.
My son's FAVORITE sitter ever. Teuta has something magical with children. Very rare ability to completely connect with my child and make him feel special and happy! Amazing at her job!!
Kristen H.
Marcella is an exceptional sitter! She is consistently punctual and professional. My son adores her. I can have full confidence in leaving the most precious person in my life with her. She is kind and loving. She spends quality time playing and performing educational endeavors. Anytime I have asked for something to be done, it is taken care of. She goes above and beyond. My husband and I only want the best for our family and we have it with Marcella.
Jessica S.
My children loved Brannisha! She was energetic and engaging, which is very much what we look for!
Erin C.
What a great sitter! My kids so enjoyed the crafts!
Highlands P.
Enthusiasm and flexibility in our church school setting is much admired and appreciated.
Hayden B.
My girls had a blast and absolutely loved her! Hence, I am hoping to continue using her this week and as much as I can until school starts for them. Thanks Alyssa and Sitters Unlimited :) Hayden Bricker
Julie M.
Kids loved Sarah! She is so positive and fun!
Allison M.
Very flexible. My kids enjoyed having Kate watch them, with my son asking if she could come back the next day.
Mark S.
Did a great job with Jackie. I felt like I was leaving her with family.
Kristen R.
Kadesha was wonderful!! Kids had a blast.
Christina K.
Suzanne has sat for us many times. She is always on time, and she keeps my girls entertained. She is extremely nice and friendly.
Rebecca C.
Tori was GREAT!!!! My kids loved her and she just "clicked" with our family. Right off the bat, she was friendly and courteous. She engaged with the kids right away and needed very little instructions or guidance from us. When we got home, the kids were happy (and tired!) and the house was picked up. I would definitely request her again!
Jennifer J.
Aways very involved and hands on with the kids. They love having Marcella come to baby sit.
Crystal S.
Sarahas been incredibly helpful with after school sits on Thursdays. She helps Patrick with his school work and he enjoys having her.
DeDe P.
Jen is reliable and is great with my girls. She is also very flexible and easy to work with.
Kathryn N.
My kids love Kelly. She sits down and plays with the kids. My neighbors have been envious. She had a tea party with them in the front yard.
Amy W.
Tracy was Excellent with my 2 boys. She is energetic, fun and my boys both said they had a great time with her!!
Westerville First P.
Alyssa was a super sitter. She took care of our kids and did a great job keeping them happy and busy.
Doreen B.
Excellent very much involved with our son. It is nice when a sitter comes and focuses on the child and what they want to do. Teuta was great.
Jennifer H.
This was our first experience with the service. Jenne was a home run! Kids loved her! Great experience and would recommend to anyone
Lynne W.
Ellen was a great fit for our needs. On New Year's Eve she managed three children and a dog. Ellen knew how to motivate the children to behave. She brought a "surprise reward" for each good child; promising to leave them on the kitchen counter if they were good. Her motivation worked and we were pleased to return and see three items placed on the counter. We hope to have Ellen back again.
Lynne W.
Teuta was an instant perfect fit for us. She was able to connect with our 12 year old girl, both younger boys, and our dog. She engaged the children in games and kept the house neat and orderly. We will ask for her again.
Carrie Y.
The kids loved Shanda and would like her to come back!! Thank you!
Lori D.
Michelle has lots of energy and our kids love her!! They were disappointed she was only signed up for one sit!! We would love to have you back!
Amy N.
Highly recommended!Our son enjoyed his time with Anne during his day with her.
Linda H.
Joe does a great job with Benny. He enjoys playing with him, and Benny likes to give him hugs. :)
Jennifer S.
Great sitter! Chris did a great job watching our two boys. It was the first male babysitter we'd had and everything went wonderfully.
Lisa A.
My girls loved Shayla. She was prompt and very professional.
Meghan H.
EVERYONE NEEDS A SAM in their life...she is WONDERFUL and full of energy
Julie M.
I was very impressed with Lauren. The kids really liked her and I would love to have her back to sit anytime!!
Julie M.
Holly was great! She was a delight to have watch our kids and they really liked her. I would have her back anytime!
Lynne W.
We've had Michele sit for us several times. She is GREAT! Our children behave well for her and respect her. She provides a very comfortable atmosphere for them and has a knack for how to keep them busy. We enjoy having her sit for us.
Kristina V.
My 19 month old loved Sam! He was left alone (no siblings) with her and did not cry. Definitely a first. We'd love to have Sam back! :-)
Kristina V.
My kids loved Jane! She came prepared with activities and books and left mom a detailed report of all that went on in her absence.
Kathy J.
A good day, never any negative issues with Carie. Hope to keep her through the summer.
Kathy J.
Went very well, very polite and made the best of all our animals and kids, etc.!
Worthington United M.
I just love having Michelle sitting for us on Sunday mornings. She is such a lovely person and always very reliable.